For every lawyer like me who has worked as a customer of the Corporate Affairs Commission, Headquarters, Abuja, in the last ten years, Mrs Chinwe Dike would remain unforgettable as a very dynamic, responsive and extremely amiable Deputy Director at the Commission.
I related with her purely and only in her official capacities yet my griefs knew no bounds when I heard of her final departure on the ill-fated Dana Air flight of of 3rd June, 2012.
Mrs Dike and her son both departed on that flight when she had to accompany the boy who was scheduled to write his Post-UTME examinations into Covenant University, Ota. This greatly added to my grief- the love she had for her boy and that parental bond that couldn’t easily let go so soon as the boy’s journey into maturity began. Mrs Dike felt she should still savour the moments of her boy’s first steps into independence. She didn’t have to go with the boy but for her love for her pristine lad, she couldn’t just let him go alone and so they did depart.
Mrs Dike, you will be forever missed because you were a good woman and your memory will remain blessed.
So Mrs Dike and her son departed because the son had to write Post-UTME. Would Mrs Dike still be with us now if there was no Post-UTME? I don’t know but the course of events surrounding her passage really set me to deep introspection. Now that I have begun activism in earnest and have formed CASER-Citizens Advocacy for Social & Economic Rights, my introspection shall now crystallize into questioning the legality of Post-UTME Exams in Nigeria. I shall dedicate this quest to the honour of the blessed memory of Mrs Dike.
I therefore invite all well meaning citizens to join me in considering the issue with the hope of correcting any perceived wrongs and, establishing the legal rights of Nigerian citizens to ease of admission into tertiary institutions in Nigeria.
Please let the discourse now begin.
Thank you.
Frank Tietie, Esq.
Executive Director, CASER



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