Having studied the former President Obasanjo’s recent letter to President Jonathan and the subsequent response from the Presidency, we at CASER formally take this position.

Former President Obasanjo should be highly commended for the passionate candour with which he addressed the issues in that letter. He has by that won our respect and admiration more than ever before. It is abundantly clear by the contents of the letter that Obasanjo by his antecedents has always meant well for our country, his mistakes despite. The unreserved and acerbic yet highly respectful manner he addressed our President shows a high degree of patriotism with refinement.

What has become worrisome on the other hand is the reaction of the presidency through its spokesperson, Reuben Abati. It is becoming clear that there is something obviously going wrong with the presidency since it is angered that the public has knowledge of the contents of the letter rather than acknowledging the value of the letter to national interest and development. Public trust and good faith are highly wanting in the Presidency at the moment. We expected a measure of gratitude from the Presidency to Obasanjo because critics in the type of Obasanjo, are the unpaid guardians of our souls.

As a first step, President Jonathan should sack Abati for the manner he has addressed the person of the former President Obasanjo and the poor evasion of the import of the letter. The President’s advisers like Abati are clearly bereft of sound responses and are highly lacking in standard practice of statesmanship.

CASER encourages every Nigerian to read the content of the said letter in order to demand a response from the Presidency. The issues Obasanjo raises are grave enough to worry every well meaning Nigerian.

Do Jonathan and his Ijaw broods want to destroy Nigeria? Shouldn’t Obasanjo be taken so seriously?

Frank Tietie
Director, CASER

NB: Download Obasanjo’s Letter at:


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