The latest resolution by the Federal Government and the Academic Staff Union of Universities (ASSU) was not made public. ASSU thereafter called off the strike and they have just been paid their salary arrears for 5 months for going on strike and doing no work. Can anything be more immoral and illegal?
I shall not canvass my arguments here but let’s know that the strike firstly, was illegal and it did more harm to the system which it claims to salvage.
Also, it has become clear that we have a government that is willing to negotiate the death and burial of law in Nigeria. This is not a political statement as I am not a politician but just an ordinary lawyer. I belong to a school which holds that the only hope for Nigeria is law enforcement. Anybody, including a government that denigrates law and seeks to frustrate its implementation, is clearly an enemy of Nigeria.
If Nigerian laws would no longer be respected and obeyed but be selectively implemented, it would become regrettable. I shall therefore, on the platform of Citizens Advocacy for Socio Economic Rights (CASER) challenge this conspiracy and crass illegality by the Federal Government and ASSU.
I shall do this in firm belief in upholding the rule of law. It is not about ASSU, it is about the law. By the way, two brilliant academics are on the board of CASER. One of them has just received his arrears yet, we at CASER, maintain that the payment of the arrears is illegal. It is an affront on the citizenry. When we get to court, the payment may be declared legal but let us get the basis at the forum.


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