Nigerian citizens! Wake up to your Social and Economic rights.
Nigerian labour unions take the citizens for granted. The NLC and TUC with their affiliate unions are selfish and lawless people who do not truly care about the citizens’ welfare. They care only about themselves and would not hesitate to exercise their illogical might in cowing a burdened government to serve their bidding.
The Nigerian government is a conspirator with these selfish unions against the Nigerian citizens.
Now, doctors and judicial workers are still on strike. The people are suffering excruciating pains. Some are dying on account of lack of doctors’ care while many are in unjust detentions because the courts are not working. Lawyers have also been stripped of their of their means of livelihood as they can no longer take court related briefs. Yet, this government is watching.
And after all the suffering and pains borne by the citizens, who have been deprived of these social services, it is most certain that the striking workers would get all their demands and get handsomely rewarded by the government,  with the payment of a backlog of salaries to them for doing no work. In fact, they get rewarded for allowing Nigerians to die and suffer unjustly. “Chaii!  Dia is God oo”
Seriously, CASER is troubled by this trend and shall deploy its resources in checking this malignant waste of the national commonwealth on unpatriotic elements operating in the cover of trade unionism.
CASER Executive Director had in his personal capacity,  with the support of friends challenged this anomaly in court on account of the last university lecturers’ strike. The government fought and embarrassed him for daring the horrendous norm.
This time around, under the aegis of CASER, it shall be a show down. Our government and trade unions must be held accountable. We operate a republic. We are governed by law; not by reckless and arbitrary use of privilege.
Report all deprivations,  losses and wrongs arising from these illegal strikes to CASER at or send SMS to 08172891308.


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